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Hello, my name is Melody and I am a pansexual sissy who wants to transition to be a transvestite. I started crossdressing in early teens and I always felt more comfortable and happy in a feminine form. I am currently just trying to network with people who think alike.
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Hello Melody:

I think you'll like it here. Like you I'm into sweet sissyness, as we all are on ye Merrie Sissykiss. I hope you'll read us whenever you have time, and post whenever you have anything sissy-groovy to share with us. 

May you dream of turning back the hands of time and being young once again. In your dreams, may a young girl invite you to go swimming in the pool in the back of her home. As you're about to change into the boy's bathing suit you brought, may she hand you a girl's bathing suit and ask, "Would you mind wearing this instead?" When you ask why, she'll answer: "I want to see your legs all the way up to here (pointing with her hands)"

Keep it feminine and sissy delightful,
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, it is nice to meet another new member. There is a forum for introductions where you might get more replies. It is third from the top the forums page if you wish to use it. Here is a link:
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