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hello all you little girls and sissies. I found your site and had to join. Im looking for help and answers.

About a month ago my husband of 5 years told me that he wanted to wear diapers. I was shocked and confused and there were tears all around and it put some stress on things. Well to make along story short I realized that he was still the man I love and that this was just a different side of things. I have agreed to play with this idea following guidelines that I created and he agreed to. one of which is he is to be a baby girl. He already crossdresses so this was not a huge step, but for whatever reason Im more comfortable with the idea of seeing him as baby Samantha then baby husband.

So I have told him I need some time to get things gathered and that in a few weeks Ill surprise him with what he wants. So here I am trying to figure out what he wants and where to get it.

Im hoping this will be the start of an enjoyable adventure

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Well I can pretty much 100% guarantee!!! These items will do the trick.. definitly and I can vouch for how good they all are except the nappy!
Get them ALL in pink, with the onsie you can request a hole for locking behind the neck and another one between the legs so baby cant get out to change his diaper!
Also the mittens and booties come with little locks incase you want to lock him up and leave him in his nappy!! hehe I PROMISE this will do the job hehe!

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Come Visit my Gallery!!!
I have TONS of cappies that need commenting!!! REALLY GIRLY CAPPIES!!!

::::::: GALLERY :::::::

PM me!! I Photoshopped my head (with make up and wig obviously! onto a sexy girls body in my Avatar, anyone like?? Im still disquised a little hehe xx
I think it shows your love and strength that you have embraced this side of your husband and you should be applauded for it. It will take time to get a balance between what he wants and what you are comfortable with and I wish you all the best in your new adventure.

And have to say I love the name Samantha, but I guess I would as it's my name too lol.

*hugs* to you both x


Dear Miss Meghan,
Please may i say Miss you are a very understanding lady to do this for your baby Samantha and i hope it will be an enjoyable adventure for You and her, i’m very grateful to my Daddy for allowing me to be His girl and for training me in diapers : )
My best wishes for you both : )
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Welcome to the site,Meghan! It's a great resource; I think you've come to the right place.

I've been very lucky in most of my long-term relationships w/women in that, after revealing that I loved being a cross-dressed submissive, my partners were willing to explore that with me, even if it wasn't something that came naturally to them.

Having been through this process several times over the years, if I had any advice to offer...

1. This site is wonderful, but as far as figuring out what it is that your husband wants, your best source is still going to be him. If you're having trouble with just talking about it, you might try having him write out some of his more powerful fantasies for you to read.

2. I truly applaud you not just for being willing to explore this, but ( and I think this is SO important) starting out by setting some of your own terms right away, like for instance insisting he be a baby girl, since that works better for YOU. Keeping things in a place where you're enjoying yourself and feeling comfortable is crucial and I'm glad to hear you starting out that way.

3. From his side of things, if he's anyhting like most of us, he's probably going to have TONS of very detailed fantasies built up in his head, and it can be an unexpected source of chagrin and disappointment when they don't play out exactly as he imagined them for so many years. But for any kind of play to have any meaning or real potential for fulfillment, it needs to be an experience created between both partners, rather than something acted out purely from one person's internal script. So again, keeping things in a place where you're enjoying and expressing yourself will end up helping him as well as you.

Not sure if any of that was what you were looking for or if it will help you, but I thought I'd offer.

Feel free 2 PM me if you want to talk more. :)

Wish you both the best and hope you have fun together.


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