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For all of the Hello Kitty fans out there, there's now a Hello Kitty-themed hair salon!  

It's located in Japan at Lalaport Yokohama.

The whole place just oozes cuteness. The entire place is pink, even the chairs, with Hello Kitty images everywhere! The salon mainly caters to little girls with a full selection of cuts and perms, though it can get pretty expensive with "the works" costing over $200!

And no, I've never been to Japan but now I have another reason to want to go  

Go to the site below to see pictures:


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~*Christie Luv*~
Oh mi goshie! *faints* Thats SOOOO KAWAIII!! Another reason for me to want to go to Japan! They should open some of those in the US! Being a hair stylist their would be a dream come true! I wonder if they do hair styles shaped like hello kitty *giggle* or atleast give them the flower  
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