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Hello im 17 and my name is jarrad. Nice to meet you all.
i have wanted to be feminized for a wile now but i live with my dad and i have a fear of him catching me.
i first got into this when i saw some girly anime and i have been intrested ever since.

well i hope i meet some nice people on this form and i hope i gain a lil confidence to become a sissy
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Welcome sweety!  

I really hope you like it here at SissyKiss! In fact, I'm sure you will ^__^ Everyone here is so nice and understanding~ Just make yourself at home! I'm Boo Bear, but my real name is Kaitlyn! Nice to meet you Jarrad   Oh, and yes! I'm a biological girl   but that doesn't make me any less or more of a sissy 
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You shouldn't frown!
because you never know who's falling in love with your smile.. :]
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Nice to Meet you Boo Bear, Sparkels are awsome
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