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Hello darlings! I'm Brooke  I've been crossdressing on and off for about 4 years and have always been a sissy at heart! I'm curious about trying diapers and becoming more and more girly :) Hopefully I can make some friends here!
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby!

     Hope you enjoy the site. : )
Princess Jaina
Welcome Brooke.  This is the place for you, I think.

I'm a bit like you, but kind of in reverse... i.e. I've always loved to wear diapers, and have had girlish feelings deep down.  Then just a few years ago I joined Sissy Kiss and decided to try cross-dressing and really become a little more girly.

Things have been slow on this forum, but there's a nice group here.  Nice to have you with us!
Have courage and be kind... and may the Force be with you, always! 
So you want to be girly and wear diapers do ya ?

Well first off you must have bulky diapers and a ruffled fancy bum diaper
cover - and yes all colors should be preferably "PINK" but pastel Lavender
and baby blue are acceptable alternatives. Make that that diaper cover
is fully expanded because the next piece of the sissy wardrobe is the
Petticoat. Now the theme here is have enough elevation at the hem line
to create a sort of Tu-Tu effect and all those lovely pretties underneath
will then be on display. Now for a dress with minimum hem line - just
enough to show the final edge of the petticoats - best with a high and
tight empire type waist line (just below the bust or bottom bra line).
Have those neat puffed up sleeves and a white lacy contrasting color
collar with lockable zipper fastening at the back (You really don't want
to take these clothes off after putting them on and would not want
anyone else messing with it either).
Now a bonnet would be nice and big soothing pacifier with chain
attached to that locking collar on the dress.
As for leg gear you could wear tights or pantyhose but that kind of
covers those pretties that are to be shown and not hidden.
So thigh high hose with pretty bow detailing on the thigh band would
work or just simply frilly lace ankle sox and those oh so marvelous
mary janes.
Best if the MJs have taps and  jingle bells to clear the floor for your grand appearance !

You could further add in getting dressed a bullet bra to enhance the
bosom of the dress. Elbow length gloves and why of course make-up
to show those girly attributes in the best of light.

So whatcha waiting for - - - get dressed and sport your SISSY stuff !
Cat calls and wolf whistles not withstanding !!!!!
Hello Brooke:

Welcome to Sissykiss!

I'm delighted to hear you're exploring your sissy side. Believe me, it is and will be a beautiful experience. I love to wear feminine lingerie under my en home clothes when I'm at work. Sometimes early in the morning before my significant other wakes up, I put on a skirt or dress. Sometimes I'll supplement a skirt or dress with high heel shoes. It's a very beautiful feeling. Too bad I have to  change into Dress as Boy (Drab) clothes before driving to work.

Once a week I treat myself to a thorough leg, arm and hand dehairing with Nair or Veet. Its a lovely erotic sensation, to look downwards and see arms, legs and hands as smooth and bare as a biological female. It's a beautiful experience too, to wear pantyhose under my outerclothes for the first two days after dehairing my legs. 

As for diapers: Please, don't get me started on the delights of diapers! A few times a week, as soon as I get up in the morning I'll put on a Depends disposable, maximum absorbency pull-up underwear for women. As I go about my morning chores, I'll squat and let the warmth and wetness and softness and sweetness and peace and joy flow. A diaper thoroughly wetted to sweet erotic perfection, makes the time go by a lot easier when doing household chores. So if you're thinking of trying diapers, go for it.

I look forward to your contributions to all the beautiful things we're about. Tonight when you go to sleep, may you dream of going to your nearby shopping mall wearing girl's short-shorts that reveal your legs and thighs (after using Nair or waxing to remove all that horrid hair) all the way up to you-know-where. May you make your sissy dreams come true by going shopping or eating   lunch at a nearby restaurant while dressed en femme. You'll love it!

Keep it warm and wet and sissy,

I'm magicgrrl, the forum's resident...well. Magic Girl.

Glad you can join us, Brooke! 
As far as I'm concerned, being any gender at all is a drag
-Patti Smith

Just your average, everyday, magical warrior princess. Fighting for truth, justice, and frilly things!
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