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I'm looking forward to having lots of fun with everyone here. I've just created a profile, so please check it out and let me know how I can improve it.

I'm now 40 years old, and I've been dressing in pretty, girly clothes since my early teens. I have a strong submissive side, well developed as a child by a domineering mother. In my professional life, I appear to be a strong, masculine, take-charge individual. I have a somewhat public profile in my career, which, like so many of you, necessitates my keeping my sissy self secret, unfortunately. However, I am also working toward self-employment in an entertainment related field, which is giving me the chance to begin expressing myself in ways that, to the casual observer, could be described as metrosexual...manicures, body-waxing, piercings, etc.

Two years ago, I ended a seven year relationship with a dominant woman who (if you can understand) took advantage of, then abused my submissive tendencies. She took it from occasional crossdressing and diapering to full blown cuckolding and humiliation. As often happens, the relationship ended badly, which left me in an unhealthy emotional state. The good news, however, is that I'm feeling much better about myself and am starting to become socially active again.

I am a sissy. I love feeling smooth and pretty. I love surrounding myself with pretty things. I have a wide range of interests that I enjoy. I love cooking, housecleaning and laundry (I know, I know, but I just love being a domestic princess!). I'm way too emotional for a man, (you know, crying at silly things) and I love that about myself!!! I'd love to find someone intelligent and open-minded enough to deal with me, because I can be quite a challenge. The results, however, would be worth it, because I know I am!!!

Sorry for rambling on so...it just feels good to find a forum like this. I'd love to share some of my experiences and dreams, soooo...thanks for listening, and I hope to hear from you soon.


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Wow, great first post Shawna. Very interesting to read and it's nice for you to open up so much about yourself. I enjoyed reading it, although the part about your relationship with a dominant woman frustrated me. I'm so sorry to read that. It stung and, yeah, I think we can understand. "Abusive" is definitely the right word and I'm sorry you had to go through that . . .

However, on a more positive note, I'm happy you're starting to feel better about the situation and I'm very happy that you're here.  
welcome sis!
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