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Hey everyone! I'm not sure if this is the right form or not for me yet... I'm actually looking around to find a nice friendly Cross dressing community with some people who are of the same age as me... ^^

Well anyways, hope to have lots of fun meeting you all ^^  
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SK is a forum which is friendly to all non meanies  That includes people all over the trans spectrum as well as adult babies, adult children and even *gasp* some nice adults. Oh and a good number of people also caption pictures here which a lot of people seem to enjoy and people write poetry, stories and we all keep each other informed about things of interest as well.

Welcome to the Party! 
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Tho you don't mention a specific age; I think you'll find there's plenty of love across the entire spectrum here regardless <3

Welcome to our garden~
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Whilst adult baby pursuits are certainly in vogue around here, nothing is compulsory except friendliness and open-mindedness.   You will find both of those in abundance here (and lots of cross-dressing sweeties of all ages). Hope you have a lovely time here.    
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Welcome from Sissy JJ too! 
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