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  I'm baby_biicee, I joined when my mommy had me sign up a few years ago. Back then I was really new to all of this (diapers, crossdressing and more) and we decided it wasn't a good time to have me jump into a community when it was all so fresh for both of us as we didn't know how far or how long it might go.

Now it's been a few years and I'm here to expand my sissy side with people either starting new too or already well into their sissy sides. <3 My mommy thinks it'll be a good way to keep growing comfortable with it all and be a better femmy girl for her, we've been together for years now and we've been exploring to see what works best in all areas.

Currently I wear diapers daily even to work and my mommy dresses me in either full sissy attire under my clothes or select pieces depending on how good I've been. As a teen sissy baby girl she's also introduced me into toys and other experiences as well to keep her happy and me growing as a sissy.

Hopefully I can be helpful and have fun talking with all of you, it was a great experience making my first few posts already. I got so excited I ran over to my mommy to share  
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss. It appears you are already enjoying the site, glad you could join us.
Hello Baby Biicee 

You have a very nice mommy.

I'm wearing a warm wet nappy now, under womens pajama bottoms. Me like feeling of warmth and wetness when I'm sitting down like I am right now

I wear Vanity Fair pettis or pantliners every day under my real world clothes. Sometimes I'll dehair my legs and wear pantyhose. It makes me feel very feminine. Here, we can share these feelings and not be ashamed.

Looking forward to your contributions to what we're about,

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