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Hello all,

1st sry for my bad english i´ll hope u understand waht i will say in my future postings ^.^

I am from germany and i was 38 y.o, with all my life i can remember (since 6 y.o) i feel unlucky with my Body and my gender.

In the young-teen time i´ll try secret my moms Ballskirts and heels, Make up my face and sometihin more.

In the Pupertät time i change often my clothes with male and female.

in the last 15 Years i know i am Transsexual, i search often in the world wide web and found out oh ok i am not Crazy and alone yheaa

the last 5 Years i change more and more my male gender in a femal gender. at last years i was inTherapy and next years i started my SRT \o/.

In the year 2000 i was going 1st time outdoor completed as female, my fav Style is here Maid, Elegant Gothic lolita.
This come from my hobby Anime & Manga, mostly i try my Maid or Gothic clothes.

I live with a Girlfriend 6 Years in couple an she helped me to find my real Gender.
So comes the time she was my mistress and so i life with a Sissy Maid for her ^^

I found this Comunity with link vs link vs link etc xD
So i hope i can find here more same Sissy friends and we have a good time.

When u have any question, don´t be shy, i will answer it so i hope i can xD (laguage barieres ^^)

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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, glad to meet you. You did a good job of communicating your message and will find many people here like yourself.
Tsuki-chan, welcome to Sissy Kiss. I'm also a newbie here (and from Europe, too!). Hope you find what you're looking for and don't worry about your English. XXXX
Ty all for nice warmly welcome here.

I feel here right and @ home.
For me is sissykiss more as a nice comunity:
I can (so i hope) my english skills up , found kindered Spirit Friends xD

i wish all an merry x-mas time

Shinnen omedeto!
Ja mata ne
Welcome to the group. You know English a lot better than I know German! I had no trouble understanding you, and I'm sure that you'll learn the language better as you read the messages here and write back.

Happy holidays!

- Sissy Desiree
- Sissy Desiree

Dear Tsuki-Chan:

I understand very well what you're saying. Your story is not unusual. Many of us here in Sissykiss, tried on our mother's or sister's clothes when we were children. When I was in my teens, I tried on my younger sister's panties and it felt very nice. Once I put on my sister's panty girdle, and the tight fit felt very stimulating. When I go to work, I always wear feminine underclothes under my en homme outer clothes. Often I'll use Nair to remove the hair from my legs and wear pantyhose along with women's underwear.

Best wishes for your relationship with your girlfriend to continue. I wish I had a relationship like that with my real life spouse!

I like French Maid and Gothic styles too. There's a chain of stores here in the USA called Hot Topic, where they specialize in Gothic clothes.

Welcome to SissyKiss. I hope you'll make friends here!


Ty Sissy desiree, btw nice Name sound harmony and warm ^.^
I think i can read better english and understand as write and speak. I have an bad School englisch and i dice the times (past futere etc ) ^^ but i´ll hope is everyone reading so can understand, so i feel lucky..
domo Arigato for the wisches ^^

Dear Prissie ty to for ur warm words.
Yes i need a long time that i know i am not crazy or going to mad.

After i found my realy lovly Girlfriend i found to my self, she helped me so much so i can try and go my way with the Real inner Gender.

I hope i havent any trouble with the SRS and in 2 Years i can write and Say "Gambate!" i was now in my Real feeling Gender.

i wisch u too a nice time and hope we can write often with us ^^

So i wisch all here an Happy new Year and i hope all ur wishes going to Real

Ja mata ne
Tsuki Chan

(btw a little translate for my Japanese words:
Ohayo, Konnichiwa, konbanwa = Good morning, day, Afternoon or Hello
Ja mata ne = see u next time
Gomen = Sry
Tsuki = moon so called Moon Girl )
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