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welp ive never been good at these things but here goes.

im new to this site and ive been into the sissy thing for a while. i like diapers, ruffles, frills, lace, bows, and all things pink and girly. i love thinking about myself as a sissy baby girl and look at random sissy dresses, panties, etc on a few sites and picturing me in them. never worn much before but diapers here and there so if any one had advice on how to start that would be great :). i hope i get to meet lots of good (or bad) little girls during my stay.
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hello welcome to sissy kiss i hope you have a great time
: PinkBaby-Lachen:
Baby Butch
Hello Ruffle_Kitty welcome to Sissy Kiss.
glad to have another member. Also love how you have card captor sakura as ure avatar. *hugs and kisses*
All we want in life is someone to cuddle, a skirt, and a clean diaper. (oh wait that's just me *giggles*)
Welcome to Sissy Kiss.

The tough part of buying clothing is getting the sizes right, since men and women are shaped differently. You might want to do a bit of research about this before buying anything so you don't waste money on clothes that don't fit.

If you plan to wet yourself, make sure your diaper is thick enough to absorb it all. Plastic panties are just meant to keep your wet diaper from touching your outer clothes, not to hold back a deluge. I find that three or four absorbent terrycloth bath towels stacked and folded over make a reasonable makeshift cloth diaper. Some people prefer disposables, especially when they can't wash their laundry in private.
- Sissy Desiree

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