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Hello to all, actually i'm not new to the forum, i just became active after a few years of just watching.

I'm a straight male who wants to be treated as a sissy baby. I love cute girls and dream of being denied for not being real man enough for them, so i just have to be a very good sissy wanting them but only being able to watch.

My sissy name is Baby Britney (i used and i think i still have a huge crush on Britney Spears).
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, nice to meet you.

Welcome. I'm another straight sissy baby.

You'd probably love Baby Bobby's illustrated sissy baby stories, in the Cappies section.
- Sissy Desiree

Hi SissyDesiree, thanks! I love Baby Bobby's captions and mostly his stories.
Since this was my first post i think i didnt introduce myself properly. Im 30 from south america (english is not my first language so pls forgive me for some of my gramar). I dont remember when i started exploring my sissy side, i only know its been a while... (i think since i was 16 or so). Its always been i secret side of my life, no one knows about it.

I love to fantasy about girls i had a crush on , ex- gf or simpy that i know. Usually when i found a good sissy and very humiliating story i change the names of the girls of the story in a txt and use pics of them besides the story to read it. Thats why im so interested on knowing your avorite girl in my captions, they all are girls i fantasy about often.

Well, thats for now... I think i have a lot thins to share i just have to order them in my head first...
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