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 I am so glad to finally be on this forum after following it for years. This site helped me out in discovering I was a sissy at heart. I get a liberating rush when my little girl comes out.

Even though my account is called Lady_Cynthia, that is what my dream mistress would be called. I figured since this is dedicated to fulfilling the hidden fantasies of sissies, paying tribute to my dream mistress would be fitting. My real sissy name is Fiora. I am such a bad sissy for the confusion.

I love wearing stockings, skirts, and especially frilly dresses! They are just sooooo cute! My favorite color to wear is purple, but pink is also sweet. Like I said, I would love to have a mistress keep me in line, but playdates with other sissies could be a lot of fun. Who knows.

Anyway, thank this site again for changing my life and letting sissy Fiora be born.

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Pink Balloon
Enjoy yourself, the site's wonderful trust a frilly balloon loving sissy. 
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby who wears a diaper. : )

Hiya Flora! It's so nice to meet you. You certainly are a naughty sissy for confusing us like that - I'd say you deserve to be spanked until it's not only your pretty dress that is a lovely shade of purple. :-)
    I hope you do find your fantasy Mistress - until then I wish you lots of fun on the site.
     Big hugs. 
    MU-WAH!!! luv and hugs from Kay Kandyfloss   xxx
hello are you into bdsm lifestyle? 
@ queenangela89
  Not really. Bondage and such makes me squeamish (and not in a good way). I of course would be subservient to a mistress, but some things would just break my fragile self. {´~´}. But I don't blame you for asking.
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