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hello there! anyway, to make it short, since i was small i was obsessed with femenine looks, not like normal boys though, i've simply always wanted that more graceful and delicate look, poetic even; the point is i always wanted that, so since i was small i started to move like a girl and keep a more femenine look; Genetics did me a grat deal of a favor (also perhaps my routine helped) since i have very long legs, a slender structure and, if i say so myself, very nice hips; genetics did screw me over body hair wise though... and waxing is very painful

ah i still remember that from a very young age i wore skinny pants, now society dosn't see that as wierd (just at the end of my adolesence, such timing right?) and to be honest im not a full TG im ok as a guy, only love having a more effeminete look.

wow thats a bit long... but just to finish id like to ask one thing, if i was looking for further feminizing tips and info, where might i find it? is thare a section for that in this forum? im really bad at browsing...
Much love!!!!
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Welcome to the site, click on "forums" something called Kissy Talk is near the bottom of the page. Click on girly advice or something else.
Sissy Jenni
Hi Welcome to SissyKiss!! I'm sure you'll like it here! By the way, on the navigation bar on the left, there is a section titled "Feminization Guide", has lots of info. ^_^
Sissy Jenni
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