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Hello everyone,

I'm kinda hard to classify; I've been looking up a lot of sissy material, and I'd like to take part in being a sissy too. I just have a few problems that prevent me from really being a sissy.

My first problem is that I don't want to do this alone IRL, so I joined this site hoping to find other sissies in my area. I know you're out there, I just don't know where. This is also the only site I know that accepts members 18-21; I'm 20.

My second issue is that I'm in college sharing an apartment with three people, and I really REALLY don't want to be caught by them. Hopefully I can get some tips for doing this discreetly.

My third issue is that I have next to nothing that would constitute me being a sissy; a dress, bra, and panties is all I have. This is also why I want to find someone else; I want to actually try being a sissy before buying anything.

I look forward to meeting people here.
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Baby Butch
Hello Guinevere205,

If your roommates share the same computer I would be careful what you do if you don't want to be exposed. Most colleges restrict the use of computers and don't allow browsing to Fetish sites.

I am a diaper lover and do a little cross dressing. I like being a Sissybaby too! My budget is limited or I would have a few nice baby dresses. I do have diapers, a nightgown, onesie, and rumba panties.


Welcome to Sissy Kiss, nice to meet you!
Hello Baby Butch,

Fortunately, we all have our own computers, and my college couldn't care less what sites we browsed, so long as they didn't involve bombs.

I have experience being a diaper lover too! I've lapsed somewhat, but I still have them, and I sometimes wear them. Though right now, I really just want to try being as girly as possible.
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