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I don't know really how to start this, not really at all. I guess I should say that I have been lurking this forum for a very long time. I know this may sound odd, but this forum has done alot for me; it has showed me that indeed - - I am not alone in my feelings and other emotional opinions that arise around the general subject of this forum. I'm really shy, and I wanted to register in attempts to give back to the community to whilst I haven't interacted with; has helped me become more comfortable and accepting of myself. I'm not a good writer, so your probably won't ever see a story out of me. Since I use photoshop by trade, you will probably get the most out of me in the cappies section! Its hard for me to type this, because this is a large step in me accepting myself... So bare with me =]

Nice meeting you all,
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Oh Muffin, don't worry sweet dear. As you know from your experience there's millions of wonderful people here (ok  maybe not millions yet) who will welcome you with loving arms. It's so important in life to love who you are, to love who you can become and to be able to give up on what can never be. If you can learn that, you will be happy.

I'm a writer not a painter, I am not gifted in those ways, but all are equally needed, and neither is really different.

Grow and become a prettyful flutterby. 
A young girl's greatest fear isn't monsters, or magical threats from beyond time and space.
No, a young girl's greatest fear overshadows all of those things.

Her greatest fear is to be alone.

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Welcome to Sissy Kiss, Muffin Missy. I am sure you will enjoy the site and find a lot of new friends, with similar interests. I am looking forward to seeing some of your cappies. I am a big baby, sometimes I wear diapers.

  Smiles from Baby Butch  
Thank you so much both of you! I have always been welcomed in my life with insecurities and other problems, but being welcome with open arms is such a relief for me! I already feel more than welcome here and cannot wait to become a more involved member!

Much Love,
There isn't anyone here you wouldn't get along with. And please make lots of cappies! They're great!
~To be a girl is to be honest and expressive of your emotions. To wear diapers shows comfort in your body and trust in another~
I like to play Would You Rather and Dress Up, so come play with me in the games section. ^_^
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I already posted one, just to see if people like the style I do them in and to see if I was posting them correctly! It seems to have posted great, but I hate having a post with just one cappie in it because that kinda seems like a ripoff... Nice to meet you!

- MuffinMissy
Hey MuffinMissy. Welcome to SissyKiss. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your captions and I hope you enjoy yourself here.
Hi Muffin! Welcome, I'm new at talking here too though I didn't lurk so much, I just hid away. I still know how you feel though! It's a big step! Thanks for taking it, it's really nice to meet you! *hugs*

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