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Well it took a while for me to come here. I am really shy but when asked personal questions or when it comes to these online inroductions I am odly open about myself. Hope you enjoy my intro.

I am 25. I live on my own in a small apartment in central Canada. At first glance I appear to be an average guy. Even my apartment seems like a guy lives there. Except for the fact that it's clean and well organized but to me that is normal no matter what some may say about guys being messy.

My secret stuff is hidden well from plain sight. I love the feeling of silk and satin. I first discovered my love for it when I was 16. My discovery and expression of my dessire did not start for me until I was 22 though. I was in college and really sick from stress, anxiety and exhaution. I think that's what brought it out. For me wearing soft things is a way to truly relax me. I have a slight pysicall disability in my legs. The muscules or more tense than normal. I live life just fine but everything I do is harder and sometimes even hurts so I need to de stress at times like everyone does.

The thing I think that really stands out about me is my communication skills and ability to listen well and pay close atenttion to detail.

I am here on this site becuase for 3 years I have been in a mind war with myself about my fetish. I enjoy it but feel wrong about it becuase of how it's viewed and becuase of how one of my closest friends took it when I told her. I feel alone quite often becuase all I do is hide everything about my fetish inside me. I hope by coming here I will find a place for me. That I will learn to except who I am and love that this is a part of me.

Nice to be here. Check my profile for more of my interest. I'll eventually make it better :)
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No two people are exatly the same and why would anyone ever want that. It's our differences that makes us unique in our own way :)
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Lovely to meet you, darling, and thank you for the intro.     There is nothing wrong with your fetish - indeed, you make it sound very sensible and reasonable (as if I needed convincing of the virtues of silk and satin   ) - and I hope that being here will make you more at ease with your (delightful) self.      
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
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