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Hello ^^

My girl name is Lilica and I'm new here in SK.

Since my adolescence I enjoy BDSM and other fetishes, specially bondage and shibari, but just recently I have started to practice with other people than girlfriends. Secretly I always had a crush for girly and cute things, and sometimes wondered if I was a girl and could enjoy them.

I like the idea to be subjected to a Dom or Domme, but sometimes, I like to dominate too. Currently I'm very interested in experience feminization related fetishes, as part of my submissive side.

I hope to  make good friendships here, share experiences and learn with other sissies, and with luck, find people interested to help me with my sissy training.

For those interested in stay in touch, I'll be awaiting your visit.

Thanks ^^
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Welcome to Sissy Kiss, nice to meet another new member!

Hullooooo!  Welcome, welcome!
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