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Hi :)
I'm uh... I'm me... hehe
I've been looking around SK here off and on for a while, ummm, since the spring I think, and I like it. I read some other intros tonight so I'll say hi hi to everyone.
Me, I'm just a rough and tough guy on the outside and a sweet little girlie on the inside. I've been into dressing girlie (privately) for a while now and go online as a girl quite a bit. I even have a little girl character on SL. I'm obsessed with girlie stuff. I love pink and pretty things (i think it is the pink on this site which kept me coming back). I have always had a fascination with little girls and not in a sick way... I am jealous of them. They get to be everyone thing I wanted to be when I was a boy but I couldn't be because I lived in a pretty repressed conservative east coast town. When I was much younger though, like 7 or 8, my closest friends were girls and I used to play with dolls and girlie stuff with them just as much as we'd play hide and seek and tag and stuff. I always loved polly pocket and my little pony soooo much. This is no doubt what influenced the things I like. But when I got a little older this was just not acceptable. I had to be a boy. I had to act like I hated pink, play rough sports, spend time in the woods hunting, fishing, or 4-wheeling, stuff like that. I loved to spend the time in the woods cause I loved nature, but I never really liked all the other guys stuff. Would have rathered just walk around the forest in a nice pretty outfit or go swimming in a hot pink bathing suit.
Now I am older, and though I get to indulge my girlie side more I am not the young thing I used to be. If reincarnation is for real I hope I get reincarnated as a pretty little princess (not a real princess though, just daddy's princess). But until then I will just take what I can get.
It's only been this past year though that I have been into acting girlie as in little girlie and I like it the best. I am glad I found this site... I think it is by far one of the best I seen.
And oh yeah... I get a little busy at times. so although I hope to get to know some people here and make some great friends and stuff I might disappear from time to time... don't worry about me, I'm probably just studying or working.
Sorry for such a long post... heh... I talk to much... I be quiet now... :)
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, you joined the right place to meet others with common intrests.
A big warm hello and huggies to you
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