Having a Littles Munch in Orlando!!
Announement of wonderful Munch for all the littles!! :)
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You are cordially invited to attend the first monthly ¦
Orlando Littles Munch
Your Host and littles hostess:
DaddyJohnSnyder & His baby, brandigirl

Date: September 20, 2008
Time: 6 30 PM
Location: IHOP Restaurant, 1345 Lee Road-(The Back Room)
Orlando, FL 32810 US
Down the street from THE WOODSHED! which opens @ 8pm

Please come and be a part of the first monthly Munch for Littles and those who enjoy them. We are a munch with a great atmosphere for Daddies, babygirls, Mommies, babybois, lils, AgePlayers, RolePlayers, D/lgs, of all gender and orientation and any of the other MANY VARIATIONS of like minded visitors and locals. This being our debut gathering, we will be brainstorming ideas on a variety of subjects to include but not limited to:
¢ Discuss a variety of topics, make connections, meet friends and find support in a welcoming, safe and sociable environment of like-minded Daddies and lils.
¢ Discuss future gatherings. Some likely deviations: Themes, Game Nights, Field Trip planning, Daddy dances, Pajama nights, Costume nights, Show & Tell, Pool Parties or Beach Blanket BBQs and any other possibilities our minds might wonder.
¢ Organize and prepare to inform others of who we are and what we do. Daddies and lils in our region will follow in our footsteps and develop their own gathering. Lifestylers will come know and respect yet another dynamic within our panoramic world of BDSM.
¢ Daddies can form alliances and lils can develop friendships with those who are really out there and loving this way of life.
What would we do without guidelines? Please be sure to keep the following in mind:
¢ RSVPs to the Munch are a MUST- (See below for contact information)
¢ No minors
¢ No obvious visible fetish wear
¢ We are known as The Bloggers Munch." (The Back Room)
¢ While we are a group who appreciates li'l's, please behave accordingly. We would like our venue to appreciate our return.
Prepare yourself for a night of fun, friends, and food Lils Style. Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to meeting many of you and seeing you again and again.

DaddyJohnSnyder & His baby, brandigirl

Email Contact: [email]orlandolittlesmunch-brandigirl@yahoo.com[/email]

YAHOO! e-Group, for Orlando Littles Munch:

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  Thx for the invite dear will the driver mind 25hr over the mountain and thru the woods drive will he /she . My mommy said it,s to far to walk ?? Ohhhh !! well Thx anyway dear take pic,s and share will the rest of us stuck around the house   
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
Awwwwww, well maybe you can make it another time!! :)
W/we are planning to TRY to do this every third Saturday of the Month.
Hopefully W/we can get Adult babys, Diaper Lovers, Adult lil girls, Sissys, baby furries, just EVERY kind of "Little" and T/those that LOVE them, or maybe are just curious. :)
Thanx for the reply.
Daddy's baby, brandigirl 
  Thx me,s likes to go to orlando just before christmas . It,s a good time because all the old people come down with their grandkids for christmas and gets tooo !! crowded then . Maybe get to meet then dear we,ll stay in touch .  
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
i would LOVE that!!! :)
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