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Hi Hunny Bunnies,

If you're anything like me you like the idea of keeping that sweet little bare bodkin of yours as baby-soft and fresh as you can. Shaving isn't so bad but just that it has to happen at all! I wonder if anyone has seen anything like this:

I think it's some kind of home electrolysis kit. Anyone have any experience with anything like it?

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I would be very wary indeed about home electrolysis. The link doesn't work but I copied the following from a TS website:-

~ ~How will electrolysis affect my skin?


Main factors
Potential side effects
Skin care

Skin damage is the worst side effect of electrolysis. Choosing an electrologist will be the most important factor in how your skin ends up. Ask the recommendation of local TSs who are done and are happy.
You can count on a certain amount of redness, swelling, welts, tiny blisters, scabs, dryness, and ingrowns between treatments. These temporary side effects must be treated properly to avoid permanent skin damage.
Immediately after treatment, you must stay out of the sun, avoid make-up, and avoid harsh chemicals until your skin has recovered. The less you do to your skin between treatment, the better. A fragrance-free and menthol-free aloe gel (not lotion) can moisturize the skin following treatment and reduce redness. There are also several preparations designed for use after electrolysis which can help reduce and conceal redness and swelling.
If at all possible, avoid shaving immediately after treatment. If you absolutely must, use an electric foil razor.
As you near completion, you may find that weakened hairs are causing more ingrowns. Use a gentle exfoliant to help release them.
If you are having excessive swelling and redness or are seeing skin damage, discuss it with your electrologist to adjust treatment, or consider trying another electrologist. You may also want to consult a dermatologist. ~ ~

Don't try this at home seems to be the overall message. I think waxing is safe to do at home, as long as you use LOTS of baby powder(bonus!) so the wax sticks to the hair and not the skin. I think the results are way better than shaving.

D lly
Thanks D lly,

This why we all need big sisters  

Once there has been a test with hair removers.

From what I remember:
- wax hurts the most but lasts the longest.
- cream works but quiet some people get lots of red dots after using it.
- laser / electro removal : it works but it takes a long time to fully remove a spot.
- shaving : you're always safe, as long as you don't cut yourself.

I personally always shaved. don't like chemical things messing up my skin (and maybe more)
Yes, Kadya,
I hear you about the chemicals cuz I'm not much into the idea of doing something like poisoning my widdle baby's body   but I do think I'm going to try the waxing thing and using the baby powder first like Dolly mentioned. I tried the creme and for one thing it sure is stinky in a chemical way. Yuk.
Thanks, hun!
I've tried the waxing...
1st it hurted a lot and 2nd I got all those red dots from where the hair was removed. Ouchies....
i just shave, it gets annoying sometimes, but its simple
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