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For some reason my hair just wont stay straightened. I have to re straighten it every couple of hours.
Any thoughts?

And another thing....One part of my hair just wont grow any thicker...and it looks terrible
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I have fine but thick hair that is cut in rather dramatic hair is naturally wavy in the irritating frizzy way...
I use a softening serum while I blow it dry, as well as a texturizing paste. Even then I still need to straighten it...and it stays all day, but then I do live in a very dry climate. When I am in humid areas my hair goes from teased and straight to limp and with a wavy frizz in no time.
Hair spray. That is all I can say. Anything with strong hold, preferably formulas for "shine" to combat frizz without looking greasy. It is also good if you are able to do a straight blow-out and not always rely on the straightener.

If you don't want to use harsh relaxing chemicals, you can just try an at-home treatment. Pureology's repair treatment (green container, comes with a little comb) is very good. It makes hair feel very very soft and that softness of newly treated hair is just about the opposite of frizz. Mostly I wanted to tell you about the treatment because of your thickness issue. One year, for about three months, I was losing hair at a very alarming rate. I had bloodwork done thinking I had a thyroid problem. Turns out I was just washing and straightening my hair too much! I took it easy and used repair treatments for a month or so and it all grew back nice and healthy.
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