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Hello everyone,

I've read the forums on and off for a while, but I never really joined.

I used to be the daddy in all of this, but a while back one of my exs turned everything upside down. So, now I'm confused and trying to feel my way around with these new subby feelings of mine.

I've always loved diapers, panties and skirts, and have seriously thought of becoming a cuntboy for real. (If there are any real boys out there that got the penile inversion but don't want to be a full woman, please talk to me!) Like I said, still trying to figure things out.

Have a good day,
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Welcome, and I hope you find this place both comforting and informative (to say nothing of fun). It is a very good place indeed to explore your desires, exchange insights, and make friends who have been through similiar journeys and can help you to figure it all out, or at least lend a helpful shoulder when needed.
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Hello, and welcome to Sissy Kiss. There seems to be a variety of different people here. I am mostly an adult baby or sissy baby. Check out the forums page for a listing of things to do. After a month I am still finding new areas of the website. I am a straight male looking for dominant mommy or ab girl.
Smiles from Baby Butch.
Atashi no namae wa UpushiPanntsu, hajimemashite dozoyoroshiku,
You like me are on the fringes of this group, but that is no reason not to be here (I am one of the only ones turned evil as a child, who has rejected evil and strived to work against my natural instinct and to do good). SK is a lovely place, accepting of anyone kind at heart. I think it is facinating as a female that you want to be a male with the genitals of a female. I've never met anyone like that. You must have a most interesting perspective on life. I would love to hear more about your perspective on your gender and bedroom role for my own personal interests in the study of humans over PM unless you want to talk about it in detail here. The only thing I have heard of similar involves a trans male who does porno and they have had no bottom surgery. I am most interested though in all of this.

*hugs* and take care,
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Actually, I'm currently male (wouldn't mind being more feminine though). I'll answer any questions you ask. If they get too personal I'll just PM the answer to you, but I don't think they'd get too personal.

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