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i fwinally came out
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todway awt about 2 o clock i fwinally came out two my woommate about mwe bweing a sissy/ab gwirl!!! shwe was wery accepting uv thwe fact uv who i twuely am. fwinally after about 15 years uv hiding thwe fact, i came out uv thwe closet. shwe is thwe wery fwirst person in weal life thwat i came out two. i'm swo happy wight now thwat i've hit nirvana. thwe state uv complete and utter peace. i've had kwept it a secret fwom swo many pweople in my life and fwor swo long thwat i thought thwe dway would nwever come.
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Little sissy boy
good job sis

Sissy sister to Kawaii Pi and Diapeyboy21
conwats! you must really happy. its always great to hear that one of us has found someone thats accepting.
i am brittany her royal puffiness!!!

im officially in love with the color pink.

*hugs and kisses for all*
YAY!!!! so happy for ya its like tossing a huge wieght off yer sholders anit it lol. BIG HUGS!!!!
Hugs And Kissess: SissyMichele. I'm a boy in body, but a wittle girl at heart!


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hey its me diapeyboy21 just under a new name and better english i kinda looked back on this first victory i had with comming out to my roommate some time ago. with a little over a year that i posted this, i think its time i gave you all an update with my life so far. i have came out to more people than ever before. it started with my roomy and grew now my mom knows my ex best friend knows (at the time i told him we were friends) all my friends in real life know. they dont treat me any different but i am glad they accept me. esp. now since i have told most of them about me wanting a srs operation. tho i have lost contact with my old roommate now since me and her had a fight and now no longer talk to eachother. anyways i also came out in the open to everyone and yes i do mean everyone both online and in real life about me liking hellokitty. tho i feel everyday im letting more and more of the girl thats inside me and is really me out into the open. i began feeling like i no longer have to hide her anymore. besides that she seems to b more motivated and hell bent on coming out to see the world. and everyone i thank you all for your support in my first victory in coming out the closet, it really gave me the push to live my life as it should b and thats is not to hide my true feelings and b myself. everyday i grow stronger knowing there is a community, excuse me i shouldnt say community but instead a family to back me up and give me the support i need to move on in life as who i am. i thank you all kindly for your support and wish the best for anyone who is struggling with the same issue of coming out and telling the world. im always here to support you all, as you all have supported me.
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