PG Been gone for while, watching but I am back
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a Mommy and playmates!
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Hi everyone! I have been gone for some time now, but now I am back after being unable to save my last account. I'd like to make everyone feel welcome and be my friends, I plan on starting back up with Miki and making more stories for everyone to read. I am also looking for a Mommy, I have had some bad luck in past and I hope I am able to find the Mommy of my dreams. I hope everyone has a good day! :) <3
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Baby Butch
Welcome back to Sissy Kiss and join back into the crowd of sissies.

 Welcome back to Sissy Kiss and join back into the crowd of sissies.  

Thanks..I might start getting into Cappies and give you a run for your money! :P
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