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Well were do i start
Iwent out today to buy a sune dress so i headed doun town to go shoping
I found this nice little dress shop and went in.As i was looking around i heard a voice say can i help you?
I emedeantley said yes i ame looking for a sun dress for a frend she then asked me what size was my frend
I told her that my frend was about the same size as me she turned and pict out a dress and asked what about this one it was lovley white with navy blue flowers on it
she held it up to me and said only if yor frend could try it on
she thenwhent over to the door and louked it and said why dont you try it on and see if it fits
so i did and it was lovley she then said to me i think that you should buy this dress for your self not your frend
as to be seen i spent a long time in the store and left with a dress a black blouse and a little mini skert that the ladey said looked lovyey on me

ps. i ame wairing the mini skirt and blouce right now and i love it    
your only as beutifal as you feel
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*giggle* Oh that must have been so much fun! It sounds like maybe they knew the dress was for you! Most sales people don't mind transgenders these days as they probably have them all the time and know more about them. Most stores even have anti discrimination policies for transgenders.

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