PG Glitches, typos, and errors, oh my! However they will all be fixed.
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I wanted to reassure people that I will eventually be able to take care of every error. Please to be patient, as we adjust to the new software. I apologize for the errors, I didn't mean for them to happen, and I certainly tested every feature for errors many times before releasing it.
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I wanted to let people know the error I mentioned where people's posts are being replaced by other people's posts was fixed, and it's only something that happened once with the conversion script, and only a few posts were effected. They also needed to be posts made shortly after the upgrade. So that didn't happen to many posts. I've deleted any I saw, and PM'd the posters about it. They were mainly short posts. If I run into any that are long stories, or cappies, then I will look in the backups for them.

At the moment I'm making a new, and more optimized way to have friendly URLs which will eliminate the error where people are sent to a 404 page by visiting a certain topic.
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