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Getting out the word on the D X Institute
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Hi Baby Jenae! Sorry for the delay in replying. You certainly can post it in the forum! It's no problem!  

Originally Posted by babyjenae
Hi Mistress Christie,

I am asking a favor, since we need to get word to everyone that has belonged to the D+X organization.

Our Beloved Founder Mr. Excalibur J. has passed away, and the D+X organization has been taken off line by the family. the People of the DX have been left in the lurch for a place to be... There is a group of DX staff, that are trying desperatly to contact all of the members of the D+X organization, to let them know the word and where to go for contact and information on recovery of the DX.

here is a link to the alumni organization

Mr. Excalibur passed away Tuesday November 2nd, and his family terminated the Server service for the organization on friday November 5th. those members of the organization that wish to help rebuild, please contact the above link and keep posted on the efforts to relaunch the D+X.

I hope that you will be able to allow this post in the open forum, and in the lists where it can be accessed by anyone that needs this link.

Respectfully Requesting your assistance in getting the word out..


Big HUGE HUGs...

Thank you Mistress Chrissy for allowing me to get this word out...


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Here is an update for the New D+X Institute's new location..

This is where the new site will be once they get the bugs worked out on the new sites programing and installation for server service.

Please if you belonged to the DX at any time, forward this link to those you know from the D+X...


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I have been asked on behalve of Ms Debi Davison Co-Founder and the new Director of the D + X Insititute, to announce that The D + X Is Back.

We are now up an running again for all of those members who know of us, roll playing is back in operation and the sigt is being brought back up to standards that were there before the loss of Mr Excalibur J. our belove Co-founder

The New Link to the site is

You are all hereby Invited to drop in and join in the fun, or just visit the new site.

The new site is still a work in progress, as the recostruction of the DX is an ongoing effort to bring us back to what we had before our Loss of the old site.

LOVE, HUGS, and Kisses

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