Futurama S06E08
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This is more geared towards hypnosis and cuteness-overload. I thought it was somewhat relevant to the site but...

In the new episode of Futurama(S06E08), "That Darn Katz" there's some heavy hypnosis overtones.

Mostly in the form of cuteness and kitties in a sailor outfit, lol, but whatever. Thought someone might enjoy it
You can watch the episode online for free here: http://futurama-stream.com/season-6/episode-8-that-darn-katz
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When I saw this episode, I immediately thought of SissyKiss. It was a cuteness overload at times *giggles* I was thinking of mentioning it to the community as well, I think some people might enjoy it. Besides Futurama is one of my all time favorite shows.
Mina Silverwind
The ending to that episode was funny, I find it hard to believe multiple networks pulled it, but it us back thanks to comedy central.
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