fun great game for sissies
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hello ladies well as many of u know im a gamer one way or another and i just found the best game ever go there to get started i mean this place is the best u can chat with people u can be anything and look any way u want right now im a diapered sissy maid in a pink maids outfit with a pink ball gag and cuffs on my ankles and wrists it doesnt matter any thing u like u can do if u like diapers well they are there if u like chastities they are there if u like having sex with animals plants other people all thats there any thing ever thought of is there why just not even 2 hours ago i peed and pooped in a fish bowl some guy was wearing on his head. so come and play and when u get there look me up Jerika Lilliehook im the short red head hehe hope to get tons of new sissy friends
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~*Christie Luv*~
Oh yes many sissies have said how much they love it! It sounds really neat!  
too bad vista does not work over there!!

i need to figure out some people there and how to get diaper
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