All XXX My full day as a babygirl.
A true story of my day as a babygirl.
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Today has been a very intense sub./regression day for me, little Caitlynn, and I'm going to type about what me and my Mommy have done today. You should not wead this if you don't wanna read about: Watersports, Pubwic play, Ageplay, Sissification, or Anal.

Baby Caitlynn had the day off from work today. When she wokeded up Mommy was still sleepies so Baby Caitwynn went into the shower room to take shower. She got all cleanie and then when she came out Mommy Master was awake Mommy so she went in to shower and then when she went in Baby got a text message that saided to put her girl cwothes on but no diapee, and that we were going out to the mall. Baby Caitlynn and Mommy have not gone out together since we moveded fwom Monterey when I was called Ashwley because Mommy says Monterey people were more accepting of baby and San Angewo people aren't. Baby Caitwynn (I pickeded that name out 'cause I like it) knows there are other reasons but she can't think of them wight now because Mommy has been making her head all small and fuzzy. Anyway, this was our firstest time going out here and Mommy was nervous so baby got reawwly nervous too. Baby put her good girl pwug in her tushie, which I used to hate and fight with Mommy about but now I love love love love it and it is my favoritest thing. After that Baby went into the fetish clwoset and she put all of her makeups on and started getting dresseded. Then Mommy was all clean too and so I said her to put nail polish on my nails so they'd be all prwetty, and she did because she loves me. By the time Mommy was doing my wig hair though I was getting really realwy scareded, 'cause that's how Baby Caitlynn (that's me) gets when she has to go out in public. We got in the car and I was shaking. I think Mommy was scared too. Mommy said we were gonna go to Hot Topic and Victoria Secwet but we only went to Hot Topic 'cause we got scareded. When we were there we got some bad looks but we met a new Fetwife person and she was very nice to me and hugged me and Mommy and she was pretty. I boughted a new microskirt which I'm wearing and fishnets. They are both bery pretty and I was very happy which helped me be less nervous 'cause when we walked to the car that Mommy took me there in she told me that I was gonna have to wet myself before I got to go home with her and that I had to be good and listen which I've never done before but Mommy had been stroking my head and petting me the whole way there and saying wegressive things to me and had me put my hypno tapes back on my phone for the car ride over and it just felt like I had to listen to when we got the car I stood in the parking lot and wet myself. Some people saw and they made mean faces but Mommy let me get right in the car after and we went home and she strapped me down and fucked me and let me make sissy milk which I don't get to do much. I was very happy and then we went and saw Paranormal Activity 3. It was good and scary.

After we got home Mommy had me put my plug back in and put me down for a sippy nap with my hypnosis tapes on which was a bad idea! When I woke up I was super super bad girl wet and Mommy said I should try my new outfit on so I am wearing it now, and I put my makeup back on and she let me have my diapers which make me feel safe, and then she teased me for about an hour. Mommy likes to push my plug in and out and in and out so I squeal but I don't really squeal I think I am good and quiet. I gave Mommy head and a wimjob and waited for permission to swawwow both times because that's what good little Caitlynn does. And then Mommy said I was so good she'd let me watch sprited Away with her and lay on her and she gave me a lot of sippies. The first three were water but then she gave me a sippy of Mommy's pee and spit. I used to hate those sippies and it took me a long time to dwink them but they have become my favoritest and I dranked that one realwy really fast. I don't remember when I wet but Mommy checked and said I had wet awot and I thanked her for letting me be in diapees. I asked her if she wets too and she weminded me about the potty and I felt a little bit too dumb 'cause my head was fuzzy to where I had forgotten but then I remembered. After that Mommy wet me cuddle on her some more and then she pulled my nappies down a little and fuckeded me for a little bit, but would stop whenever baby was almost to making sissy milkies. Mommy said she came, and she let me lick it up which was the bestest ever, then she played with her pink penis toy and I got to suck on that to which I loved and it made me think of boys. Then we were gonna watch more Spiwited Away which I am liking but I told Mommy I wanted to type this even if it's kinda hard to make sense in this headspace.
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Amazing! Sounds so so intense and kinky, love it!
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