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Today we will tell you my story when I was small, so what happened until he entered the world of womanhood
When I was a kid I was a kid hooligan too and my mother was wary of this and one day I thought my mother punish me for inflammatory that I went to sleep until he woke up and I find myself wearing a dress and I put some make-up and wear Hza daughters standing around me and my mother and my sister's big and some of the girls friends and then said my sister the day you are my little sister and we must care when your sentence this I am relieved psychologically and started accustomed Aaloda with repeated courses I liked the dresses and diapers, I felt really a girl then started out the street when I'm dressed dress and you go for a walk and meet some friends and girls friends and I will be wearing a dress or blouse and skirt, and sometimes go to concerts wearing at the time beautiful dress draws attention and show my femininity for all and when I got to primary school you go to school and I donned a blouse and a skirt did not know anyone I am a boy and complained the Group of ballet and I was wearing a tutu ballet, but must be the month I moved to another school did not able to exercise any sport, and now I have a big brother take care of me and help me in choosing feminine clothes for me as well as some girls friends I hope that my story won I hope that you like and write your comments and see some pictures of me on this link
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Miki Yamuri
This is so poorly written ... am not sure exactly what it is about.

How about any of the other Moderators? Should this be in the 'Coming Out" section of Forums?

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Mina Silverwind
Yes it should indeed, maybe it can be a story later, but Miki you are correct about it needing to be moved.
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