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Note: OK, this is a mad little idea that's been bouncing around in my head for the past week. I finally scribbled together something resembling an intro... this could either be the start of something big (*SNORT*) or (more likely) wither and die. Anyway, read it, see what you make of it, and if you think you can do something with it, you know what to do... :)


Chloe looked at the assembled group. Over the past three months of selection, three hundred and twenty five adults between the ages of 25 and 45 had been whittled down to the half dozen sitting nervously in front of her - three female and three male. Each had gone through extensive applications, interviews, tests and psychological profiling to reach this stage.

She cleared her throat. "We're almost ready for the final test. May I reiterate a few key points before we continue: Until you walk through those doors (pointing to the far corner of the room), you are free to leave at any time. Once you go through those doors, your old life is over. We legally become responsible for you, and take ownership of all your assets. We rename you, change your appearance, choose the food you eat, the clothes you wear and completely remould you. We will, however, explain our choices beforehand so nothing should come as a surprise. After induction, you will be allowed to make decisions for yourselves, but if they stray too close to the original 'you' we reserve the right to veto your decisions.

However, during your time in The Foundation, we will require you to make use of whatever skills you have from your previous life to benefit The Foundation, but all internet access will be closely monitored and any attempt to reconnect with your old life will be met with severe consequences.

Now for your final two tasks. At the front of the room are two marker pens - one red, one blue. Please mark one of your hands with the blue marker if you wish to be treated as a boy once you start induction, and with the red marker if you wish to be treated as a girl."

She smiled as she watched them mark their hands - interestingly two of the males marked their hands with the red marker, and one of the females marked her hand with the blue marker.

"Thank you very much. And now for the final part of your testing. To prove to us that you are really committed to becoming big babies with no bladder control, all we require you to do is to wet yourself, and remain in your wet clothes until 3pm. To assist you in your task, you will each be given a 2L bottle of water to consume. Some of you may feel very self concious about wetting - so please, whenever anyone succeeds, don't hesitate to congratulate them. While you're waiting, use the opportunity to find out more about your cohort. Take a good look at each other - as you're a fairly small cohort we've decided to keep you together throughout induction, and if you remain friendly with each other, throughout your time with The Foundation. You may also ask the staff any remaining questions you may have.

May I reiterate that all those who have successfully wet themselves by 3pm and are still in this room will be taken through those doors into their new life."


So there's your intro, it'll be interesting to see where you take it from here. You can either continue with Chloe's POV (she seems to be the matriarch around here), or shift to one of the inductees, or swap around as you see fit. You may even feel like doing the backstory - where the hell is The Foundation? What the hell is it? Why did Chloe set it up? If you take on one of the cohort, it might be worthwhile starting from, say, five minutes before this scene - putting the last signature on the legal documents before meeting the rest of the cohort.

For the sake of argument, staff live on site, there may be male staff as well as female, and sexual activity starts and stops in staff quarters (although romance may blossom between some of the students - and after induction, they may be allowed... although procreation could throw up some interesting problems for Chloe [and the couple!] if allowed). The students may show a little reluctance at what they're asked to do, but then again they're all volunteers and have handed their assets over to The Foundation. Therefore, regardless of what they're required to do, as long as they're told about it beforehand (and with more contentious aspects, why), they should be happy to go along.

I'd imagine that by the end of induction, they'll all pretty much eat, dress and act etc. as babies - except for when they're using their skills (no public contact though - unless it's in the assessment of the next cohort in 6-12 months time). They're probably the first cohort, so the staff can't place a definite time limit on induction, but it would be until they're completely settled into their new roles and couldn't imagine life any other way. Total (voluntary) loss of bladder control would be expected - what happens regarding bowels I'll leave up to you lot...

That's about the limit of my insight into this world - anything I haven't covered in either the intro or the waffle above, feel free to devise yourself. If you think you can get an entire story out of this, feel free to post one on the main story thread - "inspired by..." or a link over here will be more than enough credit. After all, this is just a random idea I concocted in about an hour. If you do manage to create anything out of this, I'll be seriously impressed!
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andrew dale peters
this is my story im a boy 18 years old and 12 sisters. they all ways love chasing me geting me in trouble and they. do lots more stuff to me. hers the story read carfully. one dat when i was 13 my isters had 36 friends over i was sad becuase there was 131 girls over so i went to my bedroom and fell asleep (for the invemation i sleep with my eyes open). so the girls were pulling pranks. so they picked me i woke up it took 45 girls on each side of me to take me down so i forced them off butt they were to strong they stripped me and putt diapers on me and i said quiet they covered my mouth as i was forced in to a bib binky in my mouth wth a strap around my trought so the binky woundt come out with out the voice comand. i was then put in a sroller and locked into it and forced to eat baby food and drink milk from there b00bs. i thought it couldnt get worse intil they took the strap of my mouth and bink pulled out of my mouth my mouth was sourry from the binky suking on my lips then i wanted to sream help butt alls came out was goo goog a ga goo gaa googoo gaa. they vidie taped it for the 12 weeks. they got bored and said lets play dreesup in front of the babie and y dont we dress him up to. they girls said k and then striped him and me to put left the diapers on me and putt on pink bikkins and i was put in a pink bikkin to but for some reason i was a pink bow on my bib sso then they poot floaties in the pool and i was put in a pink turttle iner tube so then i was taken pictures of ad then forgot the diapers was asobing the pool water the then got out and poured orange juice in the diapers the orang juice was a 50 litter orange jucie bottle full it look likes i wet my self bad then iwas diaper changed they strapped me down and all babie protducts were wiped on my bottom and then pulled 12 new diapers on me so then they said i loocked cute they then sad crawl to the living room i went to get up on my feet and i was shufed on the floor and put back in the same place the said no babbies crawl. i thought i my head(i shoulf]d get out of here before mom gets home) so i then said samck before i could tak a binkey was shoved in my mouth and i was forced to watch scary movies i wet my self so bad i thought it would never end then mom came home and said aw poor babie wett himself need diaper change and i was forced to be rased bye all of those girls who at the house or i was spanked intill the girls were saticefiged. pss thats a true story am not single but am probally gona be rased bye girls itnill they dont ont me no moore but they said there gonna rase me for ever intill i dye. mood happy around girls. love girls who are nice and happy. what i wear i thing my girlfriends want me to were. ps i well dump my girl friend to date iny girls wo well be nice to me. pss i never say no to a girl if its a babie thing or girly might have what ever u want.
well thats an interesting story an all but i think we got a little sidetracked. lol on two guy red hand. I would contribute if it wasen't for the fact that I'm not good at these stories.
Anybody want to chat about anything just ask and i'll be there. Hugs and Kisses to all and to all a good night.
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