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I use Microsoft Word and would like to know how to transfer a story from my computer to here maintaining formatting such as paragraph indentation, italics, etc. I just screwed up a story-time story I'm working on here and would like to know if there's an easy fix.

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Hi! Most forum's message areas (also called wysiwyg editors) are not compatible with Microsoft Word, unless they allow HTML in them which is a ginormous security risk. Microsoft Word likes to think that you can paste their gobbledy gook code into any webpage, and it will work. They haven't been thinking of wysiwyg editors that much. I've also sent a message to the people who make the type of forum we have (vBulletin) about this. They think maybe in the future they will have a "Paste with word" button.

You can remove any formatting from Microsoft Word, then paste the text into this forum's message area, and format it with all the buttons in the forum's editor. (It's the place where you type in every post you make) It can do almost as many things as Microsoft Word.

You can remove Microsoft Word's formatting by first pasting it into a simpler editor that doesn't attach gobbledy gook code to text when someone tries to paste from it, like the text editor called Notepad. Notepad is already a part of every Windows computer, so it's probably already installed on your computer if you have Windows.

After that just copy & paste the text from Notepad to the forum's message editor (the wysiwyg editor) Then you can do any formatting you want to your text in the forum's message area. Like bold, italic, text coloring, font, indenting, etc.

You can check if your story's text brought over any gobbledy gook code from Microsoft Word by pressing the button in the forum's message area that looks like this. It will show you all the raw code within your text. Unless your internet browser is Google Chrome, and not Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, etc. Google Chrome shows you the raw code by default.
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