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Whether it is as simple as being told to drink a bottle of formula, or as complex as a strapped in force feeding pacifier gag, this clique is for all you naughty sissies out there who need extra encouragement to eat their babyfood and drink their apple juice (or other things) like good little girls.

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Sissy Becky - My Blog
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O_o, I would love to be fed a combination of stuff just for my afternoon snack. Thanks for creating the new clique and I can't wait to see what kind of bottle combo's that people have floating around in their brain. :D
~*Christie Luv*~
Yay! Thanks for making a clique! I'd love to join!

How about being force fed milk with estrogen mixed in? *giggle*
Bwaby Mwandy
I would also love to join this clique. I want my Mommy to tie my hands to a chain round my waist. Strap my ankles to a 2 foot spreader bar. Lay me across her lap and breast feed me. While she does this, she strokes my tummy and thighs, continually reminding me that I am her diapered baby girl prisoner forever. How's that?

A very frilly and wet Pink Rubber Panty Girl (Baby Mandy)
Mmmmmmmm sooo humiliating. I can just imagine my sexy babysitter.....

"Oh Robyn-Anne you are such a little baby! Come here and give me that white uniform cap! It's way too butch for you! A little pink baby bonnet is much more appropriate, Missy! And a little pink bib to keep your uniform clean! How does if feel to have a "girl" like me feeding you mushy baby food and smearing it all over your face? (giggle) OH! Now look what you've done!!! No wonder why you were a wiggle butts! All down your big girl nylon stockings! I guess it's time for potty training and diapers too, Missy!"

Giggles....Soooo cute.I gox to get dis.
Little Bo Peep

  a strapped in force feeding pacifier gag, this clique is for you who need extra encouragement to drink Enjoy!  

Having been forced fed over 2 quarts of formula laced with laxative whilst strapped in my custom made highchair with my white baby reins. seems only right to be part of this hungry baby clique. Just to make sure I suffered my punishment my ankles and wrists were strapped and clipped securely out of the way to stop me escaping the chair and the feeding dummy gag that was secured in place by a special pink nylon webbing strapped harness,

Thanks Sissy Becky for starting the Clique and wow what a wonderful blog you have !
I really connected to what you have posted.

Chin up and drink your milk like a good baby girl.

Little Bo Peep
Fancy Free & Frilly
Not following the sheep


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