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Well I finally made the decision to come out to my parents this last weekend. While I didn't tell them about my kinks/fetishes/etc, I did tell them I was Bi-Sexual (though I tend to lean more towards men). It was one of the toughest decisions I've ever made because I really didn't know how they would react. My mom I figured would accept it, but dad I wasn't sure about. His views have always been a bit more on the conservative side of things, so I was super nervous with him

Let me give a little background as to why I came out first. I had met an incredibly sweet guy back in May and we hit it off pretty well. Because of his work schedule, it was hard for us to see each other, but we made time when we could. Dinner and movies were common, and we had a few sexual encounters as well. Sadly (but good for him), he was offered a big promotion at his job, but it required him to move far away (I live in Wisconsin and he moved to Boston). I was devastated and heartbroken because I was really feeling that this could've turned into a real long-term relationship. We shared similar interests and are even the same age.

So when he moved away, I fell into a pretty deep depression (I even found myself crying a few times, which is VERY rare for me). My dad would notice when I talked to him, and I made many mentions of my feelings in my Livejournal posts. Finally, with my birthday approaching, I decided I would tell them.

My mom did take it well. She said she wasn't really surprised, though she was disappointed that it might mean less grandchildren later (I assured her, I'm still interested in women). But she assured me that I was still her son, and that I wasn't any different now than I was 10 minutes ago.

My dad took it MUCH better than I expected. He explained to me that he was a little upset and disappointed. He doesn't feel that it's natural for two men to have a relationship (I still don't totally understand that, but it's ok). But he said that it's my happiness that matters the most, and again, it doesn't change the fact that I'm his and and he loves me all the same.

I stil haven't told my sisters yet. The youngest (freshman in College) I'll tell her over the holidays. She's always looked up to me and trusted me, so I think it'll just fine with her. My other sister I think is in a need to know position. I'm not in a current relationship, so she doesn't need to know. I figure her jerk of a husband wouldn't take the news well and I'm afraid he might do something stupid like prevent me from seeing my niece and nephew. So I'll just keep it quiet around them until the time comes that they need to know.

Thanks for taking the time to read this long winded post. I have all the respect in the world for everyone who's ever come it. The weight off my shoulders was incredible, and I feel that once again, things are starting to look up ^_^!

"Sissy Rebecca"
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It's good to know that all has gone well, I'm sure it must have been a relief.

As for your father thinking that it is not the natural way to go about things; it is simply that he prescribes to a functionalist philosophy, there is after all no procreative aspect to it.
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i must tell you rebecca...
You will be so much better off comming out now then waiting as long as i did...but i now too am more feels good yes....I support you so will be all you can be truely who you are!!

How very lucky and fortunate you are.  
Congratualations :)
I am so glad to hear about your good holidays. Thanks for sharing such wonderful news with us. I hope one day that I might get the same reception as well, I am still working on the timing myself. HUGS!!
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