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Not really sure how to start this , so just gonna start. I remember when I was about 13-14 I would go into my sisters room and put on her panties. I would also put on dresses and masterbate. I mean what normal kids doesn't right?lol.That went away for a while. I still had the urge from time to time , but a few years ago me and my wife were experimenting , and I put on her panties and fishnets , and we had some of the best sex we had had in a long time. We moved on to strapons also. SO it started all sexual , she goes shopping with me so I can pretend the close are her's. II live in a small town.I want to take it a little further and do make up sometimes , and my biggiest fantasy is to go somewhere dressed up and made up. I don't know where though. I am not gay so I don't wanna go to a gay bar, so suggestions on how to tell my wife I want to do more , and places t go out. I was thinking a showing of Rocky horror picture show , but some advice would be good. I don't wanna dress up all the time by the way . I enjoy being a man and feeling manly.It is just a great feeling to be sexy and pretty
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Baby Butch
Welcome to the site, I am sure you will find many friends with similar intrests. I went thru the panty thing like you did, at around 12-14.
I think a lot of us have. I prefer what happened when I was younger. Getting diapered for bed on and off till about second grade. I was a bedwetter.
Sissy Jenni
I don't see a problem with Rocky Horror. To me the operative term was that it's 'great to feel sexy and pretty'! Myself I don't feel strongly attracted to men either. (The image of 2 men together is just not so appealing, personally.) However if either or both are dressed 'en femme' then it gets more interesting. If one is a true woman, perhaps better still. Seems you have a good thing going with your wife; I can't see a problem with that!

May she's ok if you model just for her or yourself: For me, I've discovered that modeling as a female is a lot of fun for me - I've even posted 3x in the "Photogenic Beauties" section(?) And I'm a newbie to all of this(!)
Sissy Jenni
I stole my cousins panties...and came in them like none other
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