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The new site seems to be getting better by the day but there are a few things I have noticed that need fixing.
When you scroll down the page and get to the icon that says more updates, you click on it, and more updates / posts are shown. If you view one, then go back to look at the next ones, you are sent to the bottom of the page. When you scroll up, you are back to the top list again and have to start over again.
From what I can see, the same is happening on the stories listings. You view one on a page but when you go back it takes you back to page one.
Finally, there used to be a search function where you could view all the members who have joined to look for new friends etc, is this still there but hidden away? If no longer there how do look for people?

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Fem Prince C
Hi, It' slowly taking place which if you've ever change software you'll know it can seem like two steps forward and one step back for a while as you reconfigure things
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