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Hi --

I wish the Story Time forum's index could sort by either "last post by anybody," as it does now, or "last post by original poster." That way you could easily find stories that had had new posts by the original author, if you wanted, or you could find stories that had new discussion activity, as it is now.

I guess there'd be a potential for abuse; authors could post "bump posts" to their own story threads if they wanted to keep their stories at the top of the "last post by original poster" list. Then it would look like they had new updates when they didn't really. I'm not sure how to prevent that other than just warning authors not to do that. Maybe the feature wouldn't bump a post to the top unless it was greater than some minimum length? This is turning into a complicated idea. Oh well, what do people think? (I don't know if it's even possible with the forum software, let alone whether Miss Christie would want to do such a thing.)
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I agree completely. I have noticed some people utilizing bump techniques as it is. Then there are also those authors among us who are legitimately communicating with their readers through the comment section. Perhaps if there was a button authors could select when posting a new chapter and then you could organize posts by chapter update.
Sounds like a great idea, Jennie, I'm all for it. Maybe there could be an 'Author Update' button/search. As you guys know and already mentioned, sometimes you want to communicate to the people reading your story, so you do write in the Comment section. I do see lots of writers using 'bump techniques', but honestly, I don't really mind, those people spent time writing a story for everyone to enjoy, the writers deserve some attention on the top of the boards.

I wish Story Time had an advanced search for content. You know, something like an option to search for stories that contain the words 'diaper' and 'school', as an example.

I also wish readers could have a 'Favourite's List', which they could add their fave caps and stories to. It'd be a good way for people to find some high quality stories, as well as giving the writers a bit of a thrill to see their story has been favourited.
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