PG 13 Family's New Baby Girl
A boy gets caught and is turned into the family's new baby girl
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Everything was perfect. My parents and sisters would be away for the long weekend so I would be home alone. They were leaving Thursday morning and wouldn’t be home until the night of the following Tuesday which gave me plenty of time to engage in my secret hobby.


For years now I had been secretly cross dressing in both my younger and older sisters’ clothes. My older sister, Wendy is a year older than me at age 14 and my younger sister, Ally is 9. Due to rare birth defects, Ally is big for her age but has almost no bladder control and is still in diapers. Because of this my sisters and I are roughly the same size and I fit perfectly into their cloths.

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As I watched the car pull away I began to walk to my sisters shared room. Steadying my hand I opened the door andlooked inside. The entire room was pink, from the carpetthat covered the floor to the walls and ceiling that were covered with girly posters and flower designs.

On one side of the room was my little sister's bed which had bars on it to keep her from rolling out of bed and was covered with her stuffed animals and pink My Little Pony sheets and pillows. Her side of the room was covered with Disney Princes and My Little Pony toys and themed furniture almost all of which were pink.

On the other side of the room was my older sister's bed which had plain pink sheets and pillows.she had a few posters of boy bands and female singers on her wall and a pink vanity with a bunch of makeup as well as a few other pieces of furniture that was also pink.

I walked up to my older sister's dresser and opened her under wear drawer and pulled out a matching pink bra and panty set. I was about to put them on when a thought occurred to me. I had tryed on both my sisters clothes before but I had never mixed them nor had I tried on my little sister's diapers before.

Putting the pink panties back I walked over to my little sister's dresser and openeone of her drawers to find her My Little Pony diapers. I grabbed one before walking over opening her sock drawer and pulling out a pair of her Disney Princess socks.

I then removed my clothes and started to put on the bra and socks. I then went to the  bathroom to grab a towel to use as a changing mat and baby powder. retuning with the nessasary items I layed down on the towel spreading the diaper beneath me. I then aplied a liberal amount of baby powder on both me and the diape before tapping it up, tucking my small penis between my legs.

With that done I went to my sisters shared walk-in closet to retrieve the item to complete the look. I opened the closet door and was greated by a large assortment of dresses. Already knowing which one I was going to  wear I walked over to it and picked it up.

It was one of my little sister's and dispite every thing else she owned being pink, the dress was yellow with small flower designs on it and a white band running along the chest.

I put the dress on before stepping in front of the full length mirror that was attached to the wall at the back of the closet. Because of the bra the dress was a bit tight but still fit nicely. Looking into the  mirror stood not a 13 year old boy but a girl who looked no older than 4. If it wasn't for the bra giving the illusion of boobs you wouldn't even think twice about it. My long hair added to this and with my penis tucked and being small to begin with their was no bulge in the diaper making me look even more like a girl.

With my transformation complete I gave my reflect a little curtsy exposing my diaper a bit before picking up my clothes and the towel putting them in the hamper as well as putting the baby powder away.

Feel a bit hungry I walked to the kitchen to make a little snack.
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