fabulous plastic panties
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Wow, what a selection. I looked at the member list to see if you could search by location to see if we've got any members in Japan, but you can't :( . Does Anybody out there read Japanese?!?Gwenny
  Very nice indeed THX dear for posting it   
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,

★ ☆ [vinyl version of the new type of plastic diaper covers are panties] ★ ☆

The stocks of convenience will be displayed.
This product is to order your order will be handling all reservations.
You can wait patiently Please use only.
Also ask about your cooperation.

E-004 [back] GYAZA無blade-free hip on the type of knitwear.

T Zero to the feel of vinyl-covered underwear MUCHU sensation was created in order to enjoy the special items.

The other baby in a plastic material, a new formulation was developed in the new vinyl products.
Softer than conventional materials, and 0.02 millimeters thin.

Tight crotch (S less than nine centimeters in size) GOWATSUKAZU because of hip, and just sit closely that panty穿KI as well as is possible.

Of course, is possible for a man wearing a (men do not wear it if you have more than M size is best, but if you stick味WAITAI a sense of the average S physique, but if you are OK.)

Note: The features are good enough, and diapers for nursing care is not covered.

On the purchase of your understanding!

For reference, S-sized belly up to around 72-75 centimeters [about].

Women's and men's standard form of a standard S-type is sufficient, but more typical of men more than the recommended size of M.
Also, the color SUNAPPUBOTAN stock of the situation at that time will change please!

(80 inches around my stomach is the size of S is used, it does not matter if you have used, but not tight, so just for the S and has a maximum 72-centimeter)

記SHIMASHITA and the opening to the lower delivery costs considerably.

The huge demand to be accepted in order to cope if the expected delivery date is expected to fail.

As a result of your generous cooperation仰GITAKU warm again.

We appreciate you for your cooperation.

As for how to deal with products from the finish as possible will be sent to the cash on delivery [Select] Thank you.

The general fare discount [post] [stop] Yamato Parcel Center can also be used (you must name the post office courier Center and the Yamato's your name please specify).


I just love this pair!!!!   
huggs and kisses
sissy carrilee
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