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INeed some Exercise suggestions please
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So I am having trouble getting the kind of girly body I want, I need to flatten out my belly and thin out my thighs so my question is do any of you have any good suggestions for exercises I can do to help achieve those 2 goals.

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Well, first it's key to remember that exercise and diet go hand in hand together.  If you're looking to slim down, watching what you eat and sticking to a dedicated diet plan will take you much further than simply doing a bit of cardio.

There are plenty of sites (myfitnesspal is a good one and completely free) that will let you plug in a weight goal at a specific date and then tell you the exact daily calories you should eat to reach that goal.  Your caloric maintenance level will be different depending on your height, age, and how active your day to day life is.

Now, once you have your diet plan set, I'd advise against simply running or doing strictly cardio/aerobic workouts.  Depending on your testosterone levels, that could leave you with thin legs, but thinner than you'd probably like (stickly instead of having a nice feminine curve  to them).  To combat this, I advise throwing in some weight lifting (probably not any upper body stuff though), especially squats and leg presses.  Use the testosterone to your advantage and add some shape :)

Sticking to your diet and tracking your calories will result in weight and fat loss over time.  But it takes dedication.  I hope this helps!
I s looking at all the Ballet Beautiful ones on youtube.  here is 1 link:


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