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One day at work they were talking about their Myspace pages. They asked me if I had one so I said yeah. I've always been a funny, unique, and entertaining person so they asked me what my page's address was. I wouldn't tell them so they tried for days to find it. On my page there's all kinds of girly decorations and plenty of pics of me in lingerie and all dolled up.

One of the guys finally found it.  
Now everyone there has seen it. The guys at work think I'm a complete psychopath now and are saying that I'm like Leatherface or that dude from the Saw movies. Everyone there seems to be totally scared to death of me. After the initial shame it's kind of fun now.

Just to mess with them more I made my profile pics private to my friends only. The next day they wanted to know why I did that. If they are so freaked out by it, then why do they keep trying to look at pics of me dressed as a sissy?  

If any of you would like to see it just ask me in a U2U, and I'll gladly give you the url address.
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Geez, I hate it when people do that! Just pick pick pick at everything, then they don't wanna deal with the outcome

*giggles* You're right, that is funny! I would change the page even more... like put up pictures of... uh... cactuses or goldfish or something! Hehe!
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