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I'm going 24/7 and using my diapers for everything and 24/7 will  be expensive, especially when just starting out. I need to know some recommendations for a brand or cycle of brands that I can rely on. I only plan to change 3-4 times in a  24 hr period, preferably 3, but no more than 4 under normal circumstances.  It could be a brand that can hold up well on its own for day and night time without a booster, or a brand that hold up well for day time on its own, but I don't mind using a booster for night time. I could also have a set day time diapers, and a night time diaper. I may get emergency cloth diaper but I'm mainly sticking to disposables for their convenience for my partial fecal incontinence due to my IBS. Another word of advice I'd like is maybe some cheap sources to buy diapers from in bulk as well as other supplies, like wipes, powder, etc. Maybe some efficiency questions like baby vs adult wipes. Any suggestions?
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Baby Butch

Hello Baby Lily,


If you only want to change the diaper 3 or 4 times a day then a more expensive diaper is needed. Examples: Abena M4, Drycare Dry 24/7, or Bambinos.


A cheaper way to go is Attends Waisteband fitted briefs. I bought a full case online at Walgreens for $40. That's 88 diapers in medium if you can sitll find that price. You will have to change them more often.


I like Johnsons Baby Powder, it smells fresh and babyish. Here is a few sites that I have used. - Type Attends fitted briefs into the Search box once there. The shipping is very cheap. - The best online site for me since they carry so many brands and have sample packs of each. - Many very good diapers to choose from with printed designs on many brands. - My next favorite site since they have one tape adult diapers like real baby diapers. Cushies is a very good one to try. Stay Dry Kids is an adult replica of Pampers. - A great site for plastic pants and cloth diapers too.


Best Wishes,

Baby Butch : )

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