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I am try to work out what sort of dress to make
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Over the last few years I been trying to work out what I want to too be in the dress I would love to make. I have most thing to make it all I need is time.

The dress I would like as I am a big bondage sissy baby, would be along the lines of this.

The dress has 2 parts join together making the dress, the inner part that has all the secure and body forming and the outer part the showy frilly sissy parts.

Here goes the inner part, made of a strong cotton with steel wires sewn in to the fabric making it hard or impossible to cut or rip, this is a romper or ones design, but the only way in or out is through the back and this will be locked shut so there is no way out for baby. So there will have to be lots of room for a very big nappy, at least 6 inches between the legs, of cause a little extra padding to help the look and making walking a lot harder, maybe better that baby has to crawl like the baby I am. Now for the first locks, around the top of the legs are some strap that are locked shut, this is not to stop leaks this is to stop anyone getting anything in or out of the nappies. To make the nappies look bigger a tight figure forming corset, then the next bit of figure forming some well oversized breast forms, at least a G cup, if not bigger, glued up, the inner part of the dress, is just keep the in place but not to support them. Now for the real locks, the laces are pulled I little too much before being tied off, and zipped under a panel, to keep out the way, with a small padlock just in case. Now the romper zips up, with panel over the zip, now a metal bar going though the zip, at the top and bottom to stop it from being unzipped, it also go though the panel so the panel can not be opened with a padlock top and bottom. A strong leather collar locked and joined to the romper and the safety harness. Now the safety harness for baby, not stopping mummy from putting reins over the stop of the dress for everyone to see, this is a 5 point harness, over the shoulders bring it to a smaller single strap down the front so it can go between the breasts and between legs, to help keep the nappies in place and up the back covering the padlocks. The is a strap also going around the waist, both the shoulder straps and waist strap are locked onto the strap that has come down the front and between the legs. As this is a safety harness it has 5 d rings on it 2 on the shoulders, 2 at the wait and the last 1 between the legs.

That is it for a bit for the inner dress, now on to the outer dress. The outer dress is to look nice, but still secure, but all part from a small padlock at the neck it looks like a nice sissy dress. The dress is sewn on to the inner dress, with steel thread so it cannot come away from the inner part of the dress. The dress is cut, to show off the figure made by the inner dress, the nice small waist, and large breasts, the large nappies, on some dresses will be lost in the petticoats other ones it can clearly see. The dress has a high neck to hide the collar, and hold the loops for the padlock on show. The padlock on the outer dress is a small cheap keyed padlock like you find on most locking dresses, but the padlocks on the inner dress are combination dial locks, so you need to be looking at the to undo the locks, making sure the baby had no way of undoing them how every much he tries.

The look I like for the outer dress would be a baby pink dress, with the skirt starting a few inches above the nappy but not too high, the skirt is about 12 inches long, with lots of white petticoats holding the skirt up, a pair of pink pants over the nappy, not on show when baby is just stand around, but seated or walk can be seen, and on clear view when crawling. Short puff sleeves, no really frills on the dress. But over the top, a white pinafore apron with a frill around the eagles that is tied in a big bow at the back. The dress has a zip at the back but also has a panel over the zip, that shuts with  a line of small fiddly buttons going from the bottom of the collar to the top of the skirt. There are 5 small panels where you can get the D rings from the safety harness.

There are 2 main aims of the dress, is to stop baby or anyone apart from mummy to take off the dress and change or release baby his nappy. The dress is not really a punishment outfit it is just to let baby know who is the boss and has control over baby, baby will wear want mummy says and will only be changed when mummy want to change baby.


Mummy Toni and Baby Roger

A baby that liken to be fully controlled
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