PG 13 Dominate Trish Stratus
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remember whose in charge sissy......your turn SK caption this piccie XOXOXOXO
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Keep at me until I forgive you for soiling yourself!
Do you give up? Guess I won the bet then, and that means that you are spending the next week in diapers
Its all about the humiliation
Baby Butch

I pinned your ass and won the match bitch, but the show is not over yet. My manager is getting a paddle and soon will be reddening your behind. No way I am letting you up so prepare to cry like a baby. When you do my manager will properly powder and diaper your wimpy red ass.

Don't mess with Vince McMahon. I was living my dream to be a professional wrestler- I was a role model to kids, envied by men and craved and adored by women. I traveled the country with WWE, picking up tail in every city we stopped at. Until I broke McMahon's daughters' heart. Then Vince told me I was to be made an example of.

2 years later and I am a gorgeous blonde with big, fake tits and a tiny secret barely hidden by my revealing outfits that I parade in front of 15,000 drunken men every week. I've been made to suck off virtually wrestler on Raw, mainly to keep them out of my tight, lycra short shorts. But McMahon doesn't bother with my mouth, preferring me bent over his desk.

At least he still lets me wrestle and even win some matches. Although, I think that time is about to end, I think the sexy girl writhing below me has just seen my growing, hardening secret.
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