PG 13 The Disney Princes Sissy Babified PT.4 ~ Prince Charming from Cinderella
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Cinderella's Prince Charming was magically transformed into an AB girl! I wonder what beautiful baby gowns the Fairy Godmother has for her to wear to the Ball! Now for the story:

One day in the Cinderella Castle decorators had arrived. Prince Charming asked Cinderella if she knew why they were there. She said its a secret but not to worry, he will find out pretty soon. The decorators went into a room but the Duke said Cinderella made this room private even to the Prince. After a week Cinderella said its ready. She led him into a room with her hand over the Princes eyes, asking him not to peek. As she lifted her hands the Prince saw it was a beautiful nursery for a baby girl. He thought the diapers really kind of big for little babies but they were cute! He asked Cinderella "Are you trying to tell me that your pregnant?" Cinderella shook her head "Nope." With a giddy smile on her face. She said for him to open a big present in the middle of the room. Its a gift from the Fairy Godmother. As the Prince opened it a wave of magic suddenly flew around his body and he felt him being transformed into a girl. His chest expanded, stretching his shirt to form two new breasts. While at the same time his outfit magically changed into a beautiful sparkling dress. She felt so feminine and sweet! Cinderella said "You look so darling honey! I made you into a girl because I found out how you've been secretly dressing up as a girl for months and not only that, a cute baby girl. I think I'll call you Princess Christie, formerly known as Prince. *Wink*" The former Prince was so surprised and she tried to speak. Its came out as cute baby talk. Princess Christie realized her dreams had suddenly come true. She gave a big hug to Cinderella saying "I wub you Mommy Cindiewella!"

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)
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Adorable!!!! I just wanna hug her she's sooo cute :)
I adore the way Sissy Kiss is written like Disney. The story is a perfect touch. Its absolutely wonderful Christie! ^_^
"Cotton streaks of rose tangerine
Shades the sunlight's parting gleam
I can feel the breeze caress my cheeks
Whispering melodies lost inside my heart
Violets and daisies line the fields of the park
As I see Ryobaby, picking flowers before dark
For the Sissy Kiss family playing just as they are.

As evening's twilight blossoms behind
The pale, silver moon arising into the sky
Sweet and girly sissies cradle their dollies
Each grasping a violet flower at their side
Given by the compassionate Ryobaby
Whose verses continue to inspire me
Yet time is fading, forgive my inconsistency
I cry for a dream that's more than make-believe
Forever in your honor, Princess of My Twilight"

~Funshine Bear~
Very adorable as usual! I love how you make him into such a lovely sissy girl! I can't wait for the next! Great work!
Wow, Christie I luv this one. I wish a was a prince wink wink

aww... so cute...
i like it
That so Cuteness
Love & kisses
Very nice pic, I can't wait for the next !


~*Christie Luv*~
Aww thank you darlings! Did you know they didn't give Prince Charming a name in the story? *giggle* Except for that nickname of coarse. In the broadway play they called him Christopher. So I went with Christie! Plus its fun having a character with my name in it. *giggle* That might have had some influence. ^_~
Sissy Desiree
I always enjoy your artwork. Having a nice story is an extra bonus.

Speaking of transformations, how about a pretty werewoman for Halloween?
Yes another wonderful bit of art with a wondrous beautiful story and how accepting cindiewella is! Of course you deserve to be the princess, you earned it
It's an amazing picture. It looks quite charming!
I wish I was a aworable sissy diaper pwincess wike her,then I can get a sweet, soft, fwilly, and ruffwewy pwetty pink pwincess dwess whiwe weawing bwight bubbwegum pink wipstick!
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