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It finally happened. I got caught and now my SO is shutting me out. I'm so depressed and feel a purge coming on. Those never work. I'm doomed.

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Not really, fawn... you're only doomed if you decide in-favour-of the greater of two evils, instead of the 'lesser'.... The 2 being; a promise of devotion, and a denying to exist as the 'girl' inside you, in my opinion.

You're going-to live a long time. The key to contentment is 'make as many good memories as possible, while making as few regrets as possible'.
(Heartfelt sisterly hug)
I agree with Caressa, you can't purge what's inside, in your heart and mind, as easily as you purge the closet. I kinda think you know this. Even so, it (giving up the sissy style) is not something you can do quickly, no matter how emotional the situation is. Think about this: if we give up something external, have we really changed inside?

I don't want to ramble, but just know that we're all here for you.

p.s. I've purged before, I really miss that nightgown with the shirring and seed pearls. (giggle and curtsey)
There is only one Happiness in life, To Love and Be Loved. George Sand
it had to happen and maybe now was a good time it did than later
likes my fanny in warm hands and to be foundle by anyone you would like to play .
polite curtsy.

Hi sweetie. (big smoochie hug.) Dont dispair dear. you,re not doomed. Try to talk to her about it. Communication is a key in any relationship. If you love her? Tell her that you do. Be with her and in time ?! Maybe you and her can come to an agreement.

Dont purge dear. You,re right!, that just leads to regret.

Love pheobe.
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