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Hello all. I'm a transgendered diaper loving sissy from Iowa. I am very submissive and would love to find a mistress to totally submitt to. I would like to talk to other diapered sissies as I would like to have girlfriends to exchange experiences with. I have been transitioning since 2012. It is a slow process but my goal is live as the woman I should be, even if it takes me until I'm 90. I stay thickly diapered most of the time and love nothing more than sliding a pair of pink rumba panties over my disposable diaper. My favorite brand is the new Confidry 24/7 with boosters for that wonderful diapered feeling. Anyone who like to talk message me. I'm very open minded and non judgmental.  
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby.

I just bought some of those ConfiDry diapers and like them.

Have a nice day!
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