PG 13 Diaper specific question
plz answer fast, I am about to go to the store to get some
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Hey sissies!

So I have always worn the S/M Depends maximum protection diapers and was wondering something...

Is the large size wider in the middle of the diaper or does the large only mean its longer and wider with the length of tapes?

Thanks a bunch ahead of time!!
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you will be much happier with large i can wear the s/m depends but they don't work great, so i changed to large better but if you are looking for a great drug store diaper i love CVS brand large diapers. cloth like back and easy tabs. i back them up with plastic pants but haven't had many leaks. this is from a full time diaper wearer  
life is to short to stand in a line for the potty, diaper are for big girls too
luvs and kisses toddlerAnne
Ah but there is a need to be careful about that. If you get diapers that are too big, they can gap around the legs, leading to leaks.



 Ah but there is a need to be careful about that. If you get diapers that are too big, they can gap around the legs, leading to leaks.  

The size large or medium I believe is not so much what the diaper will
hold but what body types it will fit. Usually the package is labled with
a range of waist sizes that a specific diaper will fit. Getting a medium
diaper when you should be wearing a large can be troublesome in that
the fit will not be right and the area for urine containment may be too
small and overflow will be outside of the diaper and if the diaper cover is
not snug enough leakage may occur. And then as KitaSparkes posted above
too much diaper and the leakage occurs in that event.
It maybe useful to double diaper or install a pad in the diaper crotch bottom
to soak up excess urine and prevent it from migrating outside the diaper.
Then the diaper cover will not be overtaxed.

It might be worthwhile to visualize the photos and cappies of the sissy
wearing obvious *oversized* fantasy diapers. All for show and tell but
not very good at doing the job a diaper was intended for that is to retain
or contain urine until disposed. With an *oversized* diaper holding that
much fluid content would be tantamount to a dam bursting and no amount
of plastic containment would prevent the flooding of the valley between
the legs. It is important to get something that fits right and will possibly
hold one or two wettings and be disposed. Yes more material in the crotch
bottom is essential and a good waterproof diaper cover with snug fitting
leg holes a must - at least this works in the verticle mode. When laying
down remember fluids seek their own level and the usual disclaimer applies
"That your result may vary ....." ! Long term wearing of a diaper should be
considered only as a plot in a 'punishment story'.

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