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Getting ready for The Hobbit part II
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I just want to announce in advance that I'll be wearing better diapees this year for The Hobbit (part II) as well as plastic pants!  I had a very embarassing situation last year when, needless to say, I waited until the theater was empty before scuttling out with a dark spot between my legs.   I want no leaky worries for the scary parts this year, and this movie has a dragon in it!

I have to confess here that I've never been punished for leaving a damp seat cushion behind in a public theater.   We scaredy/solitary sissies can be lax but what could be worse than that?  I mean, that's kinda invading the next person's space who may sit on that seat, not leaving a good impression for the rest of the world on how a sissy should behave.  OMG, DNA!  What if they tracked me down and arrested me?  I'd deserve it... :(

I remember sitting there, very wet and embarrassed, through the credits .  When the lights came up I pulled out my cell and pretended to check my messages as the people left.  Fortunately it was the last show of the night.  I penned "I'm sorry I wet my panties" on a $twenty and safety-pinned it to the damp seat and shuffled out past the usher collecting the 3D glasses (and who would probably discover my note$).  I guess I should have posted in The Corner but how do you really punish yourself?  I mean if you do it, you probably want to anyway.  Just one more reason why I wish I had a Mommy to make me do what I should.

So who's going to see The Hobbit?  They're being liberal with the original book, like Orlando Bloom is in part II !  Yay!  He's dreamy.  I seldom go for the big screen these days but I'm going to sissy this out with popcorn and a big soda and no leaks.  I love LOTR and Middle Earth and I've read 'em so many times I can bore you silly.  *giggle*  I will be leak proof, 'cuz perhaps I'll invoke one of the lesser rings of power you never hear about, like the Ring of Toilette!

JRR never mentions the practice rings they made while gearing up to the Nine (and the ONE which they didn't count on).  And it's hard to imagine a sissy in Middle Earth and the life of a beautiful Elven maiden seems a diffucult one.

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Dear Renee,

    I always use a diaper doubler  at the movies. Preferably the Tranquility Contoure Liners. I want to see the Hobbit in 3D, but I don't think our local theater will do it in 3D. At least I get to see the 50th anniversary show of Dr. Who on BBC America at noon today. It will be broadcast globaly at the same time. If you can try to see it thenI will  find a way to get to a theater that has the Hobbit in 3D. It will be fun.

Huggs and Snuggs,

Alyssa Dee
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